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Enroute to Egypt

Currently on a bus from Prague to Munich, where Brett and I will be catching a plane to Egypt. Insufficient sleep has been had - repeatedly. Almost over jet lag I think.

First night in Prague was crazy. Whirlwind tour of city and pubs, excessive beer. Partied hard. That’s on a Monday night. Whew!

Second night was opera (Dvorak’s Rusalka, told in very cool high-visual style) at Narodny Divadlo (the National Theatre). Amazing.

Can’t even begin to write about it all, and I’ve been here but three days. Feels very familiar here, like home. Czech people alike Australians in many ways (but different, too). Learning as much of the language as I can.

Czech women in particular much less shy than Australians. Got first phone number within 24 hours. :P

Will try to write more later!