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Sensation White

The photos below show you where I was for New Years Eve - Sensation White! A dance/trance event of about 40,000 people held at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.

It was an awesome event. A personal highlight for me was getting a thumbs-up returned by Richard Durand (whose music, if you’re into dance/trance, is brilliant!)

The central stage was enormous and featured water fountains, flamethrowers, fireworks, lasers and dancers in an underwater theme (huge white jellyfish suspended from the roof completed the motif).

Only downside was the presence of a few unsavories who wanted to harass or intimidate others - cripes people, it’s a rave! Peace, Love, Understanding, Respect!

Thanks to my Canberra boys Jonesy, Pedro, Robbie, @klepas, Delbs, Will, Geoff, Truckie, Alex and Sean for a great night; thanks too to Melbournite amigo Elex!

Happy New Year everyone - hope 2010 is fantastic to you. (Yes the post is late, shush.)

EDIT: Cripes, forgot to mention Rohan! THANKS TO YOU TOO ROHAN! :D