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A Capital Duo Talk Tech - Episode Two (“1950s Radio Man”)

Episode 2! This show we cover some errata which turned into a mini-feature section with updates on webfonts, notably developments at TypeCon2009 and thoughts concerning EOT — if the proprietary compression technology was not used and URL/domain root binding wasn’t in effect then could it be the web font we could all use and pick up tomorrow? Also: mentioned: a negative Microsoft stigma, shitty Safari @font-face webfont handling during the download of the font file, and a note on where to find good, freely licensed fonts for @font-face font linking (see the links below).

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The second feature focuses on security, with goodness for all. We cover briefly important points for sys admins before addressing security concerns for developers. Next up Pascal provides your weekly dose of wank with more security related [Sort of? –Andy] design and user experience musings and finally both Andy and Pascal finish the section with some advice for managers and the legal folk who deal with web content.

Andy closes the podcast with a big ‘fuck you’ to a certain popular company named after a fruit who are doing awfully stupid things by denying certain applications from being sold in their stupidly controlled application store (HINT: I’M TALKING ABOUT APPLE), and a joint ‘fuck you’ to (et al.).

We should note the Open Atrium review is coming — we’ve both been busy or between doors too much in the past week.

In order of appearance:

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