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A Capital Trio Talk Tech Episode 5 - Adobe and OpenAtrium Extravaganza

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Welcome to episode 5! Just Teresa and Pascal this week as Andy is overseas. The two discuss alternatives to the Adobe product line for folks working in the web world (so raster and vector image editors and text/code editors) after Teresa has been re-considering her position on Adobe and it’s pricing. Pascal has for while been using the free and open source image editors The GIMP and Inkscape so he’ll be sharing his thoughts on those.

In the second segment Pascal interviews Ian Cairns, the project manager from Development Seed, a communication strategies business based in Washington D.C. who recently released their intranet and project management system as an open source project. Open Atrium, the package, rests nicely on top of the already popular open source content management system Drupal and installs in a breeze.

The interview covers:

  • the rundown;
  • the licensing of the project;
  • the server requirements for running Open Atrium yourself;
  • the feature list;
  • the story behind Open Atrium;
  • cool use cases, including the World Bank;
  • the big question: ‘can this replace the almost industry de facto standard project management package BaseCamp from 37 Signals’?;
  • translations and multi-lingual support;
  • documentation, and helping out.

Links in order of appearance

  1. Teresa’s Twitter profile

  2. Pascal’s Twitter profile

  3. Aviary software

  4. Acorn

  5. The GIMP

  6. Inkscape

  7. Corel Painter

  8. Notepad++

  9. Coda

  10. TextMate

  11. Development Seed

  12. Open Atrium

  13. GitHub — online source revision control with free hosting for open source projects

  14. Drupal — open source CMS

  15. Open Atrium translations

  16. Open Atrium Twitter profile

  17. Ian Cairns’ Twitter profile

We’ve decided to switch the show to a when-we-feel-like-it schedule because Andy has buggered off to Europe for a month and Teresa will also head overseas for a while at the end of September. Don’t worry though — we’ll all be back and in the mean time we’ll be bringing in a number of cool peeps to chat with in interviews.

The show as usual is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia license — take, share and be merry. And of course, stay tuned for more shows and interviews.

Finally, we want to pass along another thanks to Dean Klemick for giving us two Singstar USB microphones which we hope you may noticed in some form through the improvement in audio quality. Thanks Dean!

Show run-time: 60 minutes.